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Training – Focus on the Horse and the Rider

“The everyday challenge of learning the idiosyncracies of a horse is what makes me get up in the morning.” - Bert

Every horse and rider team has different goals.  In order to achieve their goals and have continued success, training programs need to be individualized to the team.

Bert’s approach to training is a blend of patience, compromise, and consistency – no short cuts. He believes the smallest detail can make all the difference and the careful cultivation of the best characteristics of a horse and rider are what make the end result. 

Every aspect counts: the feed, shoeing, veterinary care, tack selection, etc. 

When Bert is in the saddle his focus is communication and flow, which create a seamless picture between the horse and rider. This helps both the rider and the horse transform to happily compete at their optimal performance.

Horse Purchases & Sales

“When looking for a horse, 90% is suitability.” - Bert

Whether you are trying to sell your horse and need their best qualities highlighted so they can be appreciated for their full value or you are trying to find your next partner, Bert will facilitate the process for optimal success. 

​There are a quality selection of horses on hand to try, ranging across Hunters and Jumpers.  

If the specific horse type you are looking for is not in-house at the time, Bert can find the perfect match with his long time trusted resources and relationships across the United States, Europe, and around the World.

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Investment Horses

“Being a part of a horse’s journey at the top level of the sport can be equally as rewarding as being the one in the irons.” - Bert

If you would like to participate in the exciting world of show jumping Bert can help find and manage your investment horses.  Whether you would like to participate as an owner of a Grand Prix/ Hunter Derby horse or would like to buy and sell horses Bert will train, ride, and represent your investments.

Investment Strategies are individualized to the horse and based upon the owners’ needs, goals, and level of interest in participation.  Some owners are part of a syndicate, others do not ride but own, buy, and sell horses.  

Horses are purchased in both Europe and North America via trusted relationships and international scouts.  

Young Professional Program

“I was fortunate enough to learn from one of the Masters. Some of those Masters are no longer with us. It is my responsibility as a rider and coach to pass the knowledge to the next generation of equestrians.” - Bert

Bert’s passion for helping young professionals become better riders and trainers is evident in the success his riders have had.  He helps them reach their goals and sets them up for a long and prosperous career.  

The industry is changing and there are horsemanship skills that are becoming a lost art in today’s equestrian professional community.  There is a lack of a support system for the new professionals in the industry to look for help and continue to grow while having a business of their own.  

Bert’s goals to help young professionals succeed in their equestrian goals and their business goals is the inspiration behind his young professionals program.  The program allows the professional to grow and expand their business without loosing touch of their own riding aspirations.

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