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"Cris has some of the most scope and athleticism I have ridden in my career.  With a big step, careful jump, and great turns he is incredibly competitive.  Riding him is the highlight to my day." - Bert  
Cristo x Quinar, Cristar continues the sport’s top bloodlines.
The Holsteiner bred stallion Cristar competed at1.50m under the saddle of Tamie Phillips and Bert Mutch with many top placings including 2nd in the million and multiple Grand Prix wins with Bert. His father Cristo (Contender) has produced so far seven 1.60m jumping horses and 12 approved sons.
Cristar is recently gelded and started back showing with Bert after spending 6 months with Wild Turkey Farms being collected.  His semen is offered through Wild Turkey Farms.  
Cristar Pedigree.png
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