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2 Mutch Show Jumping

A Legacy of Tradition and Horsemanship

Next level training, facilities, and results.




Ponies, Pre-Green, Jr. Hunters, AA & AO, through National and International Derby Horses



Young Jumpers, Horses and Students from .90m through Grand Prix

Beginner Equitation, East/ West Coast Finals, College Equestrian Prep

What sets 2MSJ Apart?
  • Boutique Training Approach  
    • Limited number of clients and horses
    • 1:1 training by Bert 
  • Individualized Program for each Horse and Rider Team. 
    • Goals and programs to take horses and riders to the next level. 
    • Each Pair is prioritized for their unique needs, regardless of number of horses in training.
    • Annual Goal Meetings
  • Committed Clients 
    • Dedicated clients committed to the sport and their horse(s) that want to move to the next level of their riding.
  • Positive Competitive Environment
    • We like to succeed and like to have fun doing it.  A rare combination.
  • Supportive and Encouraging  
    • Able to learn from mistakes and laugh about them.
    • Everyone is part of the 2MSJ Team and supports each other, no matter if you are in the same class or a different division.


Hugh Mutch rides and teaches in all 3 rings at the highest level, a skillset not all professionals possess.

Horses always come first for our team.



The horses, learning, horsemanship, and fun is at the core for all levels at 2MSJ.  Bert loves to teach students who have a passion and dedication for learning the sport, regardless of the level you compete at.  We create a customized program for you and your horse(s) to reach your and your horse's goals.   Coming from equestrian families, Bert has the benefit of years of knowledge passed down through 2 generations and being trained by some of the industry's greatest riders and teachers like Ronnie Mutch, George Morris, Rodney Jenkins, Eddie Macken, Bert De Nemethy, and many more.

Speedy and Gretchen.jpg

“I can’t say enough about 2MSJ. Bert brings with him a lifetime of horsemanship, and as an amateaur rider I rely on my trainers to prepare both myself and my horse for the ring, and to facilitate the transition from jumping around at home to walking into the ring at an A rated show with confidence. The coaching from Bert and the professionalism of the staff, along with the group of supportive barn mates are incredible.”

— Gretchen Bering, Client, Jumpers

Via Reggio and Amy Daniels.png

“ As a life long athlete, I know the importance of having a great coach. Bert’s detail oriented approach, love for the sport, and commitment to his team is second to none. I walk in the ring confident that my horse and I are ready to compete. It’s their dedication to my success and happiness that has made that possible. Thank you, 2MSJ!.”

— Amy Daniels,

Client, Jumpers



Loxahatchee, FL 33470

Tel: 561-632-8630

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