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We have 2 private barns that are less than a quarter of a mile apart in Nicasio, CA. Nicasio is less than 30 min from San Francisco, 30 min to Sonoma Horse Park, and 45- 60 min to the Peninsula and East Bay.  

Our barns have wifi, bathrooms, lounges, and a quiet place to work or do online school if needed.  

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Footing is key to a horses soundness.  We are proud to have both farms equipped with all weather premier footing. 

Our turnouts have both dirt and grass and a choice of sizes.  

Both farms have beautiful groomed trails that wind through the majestic redwoods. 



To keep our horses as healthy and happy as possible, we offer a variety of tools.  We have Equispas, treadmills, both dry and water,  celerium and 

therapy plate, bemer 

blanket, eurociser, and hot and cold water in the wash racks. 

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At one farm we have an indoor arena with lights that opens to a smaller outdoor in addition to the large all weather arena.  

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